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The LCP Leadership Accelerator is a virtual accountability system that focuses on the development of an individual’s talent against the goals they are expected to achieve. It provides a holistic and systematic, evidence-based approach to increasing the capacity of individuals to be better at leading themselves, others and their business.

Take a Leadership Journey

Built based on 5 Leadership Anchors™ the LCP Leadership Accelerator takes individuals and organizations on a development journey where reflection becomes a core leadership practice that contributes to greater outcomes. Every 90 days, participants evaluate their progress and growth against their goals, and can leverage fresh insights when those goals are reset for the next 90 days.

An Investment in Your People

Each registered team member is given a 12 month subscription to their suite of development tools. It’s like having a personal virtual business advisor.

The team alignment phase enables individual strengths and goals to work cohesively with team and organizational objectives, and reconcile any conflicting priorities.

Don’t lose time to misalignment, unmet expectations, and mismatched skill sets

The 5 Leadership Anchors™

Create a strong foundation for sustainable success using the 5 Leadership Anchors™

Leveraging Relational Currency

The Leader’s Relationships

Understanding Motivational Drivers

The Symbols of Success

Building Resilient Character

The Leader’s Value Code

Empowering Effective Decision Making

The Leader’s Personal Script

Transforming Goals and Outcomes

The Leader’s Trajectory

LCP Leadership Accelerator Outcomes

For organizations and their teams


LCP Online Phases

Introductory Phase

Give your coach details and insight into your program goals and expectations

1. Retrospection

Reflect on strengths experiences and key learnings to draw on for future goals and challenges

2. Formation

Focus on personal interests, passions and values. Explore the “why” behind what you do

3. Feedback

Identify important feedback from previous assessments and reviews

4. Insight

Think about the importance and connectedness of phase 1-3 discoveries so far

5. Goal Alignment

Align the goals you want to achieve and identify potential roadblocks and conflicts

6. Team Alignment

A team alignment report for those who want to reconcile conflicting priorities


Sign up your organization to use the LCP Leadership Accelerator™

Simply purchase the number of user-codes you need, and these will be credited to your account once you have paid. Upon payment, you will receive a receipt with a link that will take you to your organization’s own dashboard for managing the distribution of user-codes.

The LCP Leadership Accelerator™ provides an excellent foundation for any person wanting to achieve their goals and sees the value of establishing an effective leadership development plan. The online evaluation and documentation facilitates in-depth reflection and provides tools that gives participants a huge jump start to achieving their goals and measure their progress going forward. It is a highly practical and unique program that will benefit every participant and offers an approach that will work with or without a personal coach or mentor.

— Neville Cox, Former Chairman
AMP Bank, Australia

Neville Cox

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