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The LCP Leadership Accelerator is ideal for business owners and enterprises that want to build collaborative and cohesive teams that are moving in the same direction.

Each team member has the ability to evaluate and refine their own individual goals, while ensuring they are not in conflict with team objectives or organizational priorities.


The LCP Leadership Accelerator for Teams

The LCP Leadership Accelerator is a virtual accountability system that focuses on the development of an individual’s talent against the goals they are expected to achieve. It provides a holistic and systematic evidence-based approach to increasing the capacity of individuals to be better at leading themselves, leading others, and leading their businesses.

Each registered team member is given a 12 month subscription to their suite of development tools. It’s like having a personal virtual business advisor.

The team alignment phase enables individual strengths and goals to work cohesively with team and organizational objectives, and reconcile any conflicting priorities.

LCP Leadership Accelerator Outcomes

LCP Leadership Accelerator Outcomes



The LCP Leadership Accelerator can be used for any size team. Simply purchase the number of user-codes you need, create a Team ID, and add the names and email addresses for those you wish to register to begin.

The benefits that I gained from this program are invaluable. It really enhanced my personal and professional growth, as can be seen in the increased productivity and efficiency in the performance of the business organization under my leadership for the past year. On a personal level, I am able to set better priorities, and better able to align my organizational, professional and personal goals. This alignment is by far the most important and valuable thing that I gained from this program. I believe that the one-on-one coaching with the program made this program successful.

— Rhoda Ting, General Manager (Greater East Malaysia Region) Pathology & Clinical Laboratory (M) Sdn Bhd

Rhoda Ting

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